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I'm taking a short break from the internet for August, so this blog will be a little quiet for the rest of the month and into the first week of September. In the meantime, there are scheduled posts going up every Wednesday at my cosplay blog - The Intergalactic Seamstress - and at the review blog Critique de Book, plus the odd up to date post at Spacefreighters Lounge on a Tuesday (or you can find my fellow crew mates posting Monday-Friday). See you when September comes! 

Useful Author Resources

I'm trying to compile a list of useful resources for authors in general. Please feel free to add suggestions in the comments, preferably with a link to the site you're recommending.

Ebook Publishers
Check out this list at The Ebook Reviewers here.

Free editing software
Pro Writing Aid

Image Sites
Big Stock Photo
Public Domain - non-copyrighted images for blogs
iStockPhoto.com - legal use stock images

Random Generators
Alien races
donjon - lots of generators here, including scifi names, worlds, star systems, fantasy etc  

Editing, book covers and Trailers - Danielle Fine (recommended)
Book covers, banners and buttons - Misa Buckley (recommended)
Print and eBook layouts/formatting - Gayl Taylor (recommended)
Book tours - The Book Mistress (recommended)

Science Fiction Romance
The SFR Brigade - a community of sfr fans, authors and bloggers committed to promoting the genre through networking, events and contests.
Smart Girls Love Scifi and Paranormal Romance
The Galaxy Express
Spacefreighters Lounge Hosted by 5 Science Fiction Romance authors with 8 RWA Golden Heart finals and a RITA final between them. We aim to entertain with spirited commentary on the past, present, and future of SFR, hot topics, and our take on Science Fiction and SFR books, television, movies and culture.
The SFR Station - A one-stop spot to find all varieties of SFR books to buy.
The Scifi Romance Quarterly - New online magazine devoted purely to Sci-Fi Romance. 

Alien Romances
CONTACT - Infinite Futures

Writing Forums
Fantasy Faction - news, reviews and forum community
Critique Circle - for feedback on your writing

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